Project Participants

Esterel-Technologies-LogoEsterel Technologies is a leading provider of critical systems and software development solutions for the aerospace, defense, rail transportation, nuclear, and industrial & automotive domains. System and software engineers use SCADE ® solutions to graphically design, verify, and automatically generate critical systems and software applications with high dependability requirements. Esterel Technologies SCADE product solutions easily integrate, allowing for development optimization and increased communication among team members. Esterel Technologies is now a part of ANSYS, a leading engineering simulation software providers.

logo_trusted_labsTrusted Labs is a leading expert in security consulting and evaluation for the connected world: connected devices (smartphones, tablets, payment terminals, M2M), embedded systems (IC, smart card, secure element, TEE) and solutions (payment, transport, mobile applications…).
With operations in France, Singapore and US, and more than 15 years of experience, Trusted Labs supports its customers – network operators, service providers, certification entities, issuers, developers and manufacturers – in defining, evaluating and achieving the security goals of their multi-application products, connected devices and remote management solutions and infrastructures.
Recognized as a worldwide leader in certification scheme definition, Trusted Labs offers a unique pool of expertise in security analysis, evaluation and certification management. Our multi-sector expertise covering bank, telecom, transport, M2M and identity markets, combined with our innovation capabilities, enables our clients to demonstrate and increase trust in the security of their products and solutions.

prove-run-logo-0144x113-transparent-bg-72ppiProve & Run is a rapidly-growing startup, which is developing new software engineering technology. Prove & Run’s ambition is to trigger a quantum leap in software quality and security by democratizing formal methods, developing technology that enables software engineers to prove mathematically that the implementation of a software component follows its specifications, with a high level of assurance. Prove & Run is now commercializing its technology by targeting mass-market applications that require a high level of security, such as mobile phones, set-top boxes, smartcards, etc.

inria_logo_corpo_FR_coulINRIA is combining computer science with mathematics, it is 3,400 researchers are striving to invent the digital technologies of the future. Educated at leading international universities, these researchers creatively integrate basic research with applied research and are dedicated to solving real problems, collaborating with the main players in public and private research, both in France and abroad, and transferring the fruits of their work to innovative companies. The Gallium team conducts research on the design, formalization and implementation of programming languages and systems. CompCert is a verified compiler, which embeds many of our research results.

Institutional Partners

label-Investissement-avenir Ce CEEC projet has been selected as part as the « Briques génériques du logiciel embarqué » Call for Projects , itself a part of the Investissement d’avenir scheme.


logo-bpifranceThis project is financed by BPIFrance.


The CEEC project has been labeled by the  Systematic Paris Région cluster and especially its Digital Trust and Security working group.